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    【The New-Developed
    performance items】

    ・Add the Undercover which
     can upgrade aerodynamic
    ・Add the NACA DUCT to cool
     down the high power T/C
    ・Add the oversized Intercooler
     to realize the high power
    ・Add an aerodynamic Spoiler

    【The new concept Mix Shift】

    We design the new concept called Mix Shift, which has different shift time while driving in different situation.

    (Comfort mode:0.5s, Quick mode:0.3s=is near DCT performance)

    【Sport car's high performance】

    As a luxury sedan, S5 GT225 has a 1.8L Twin scroll turbo engine,
    the max horsepower is 225ps/5100rpm~5400rpm.
    As an FF layout vehicle, the S5 GT225 has sport car's power performance, the acceleration time form 0 km/h to 100 km/h reached 6.7 seconds.


    AI Key


    Remote Control


    Air cleaner


    The convient Smartphone Operating system

    ・You can use your smartphone as a digital key  to share the access with a specific person
    ・You can start the engine, operate the Air
     conditioners and Air filtration in advance

    【Queen’s Seat】

    The passenger seat, which called “Queen’s Seat” is newly designed for your partner, to provide the best ride comfort.


  • U6 GT220 the new generation Engine

    The Engine of GT 220 is tested in the racing course and a various terrain with over 200km/h driving and developed with Japan TOMEI Engine. The engine performance is equal to Euro 2.0L Turbo Engine. 

    Highest Horsepower:222ps/5200rpm
    Max Torque:33.6kgm/2000rpm (peak value)

    31.6kgm/2000~4500rpm (flat value) 
    AR See-through View+ system

    The screen in the console has the AR See-through View+ system to help the driver to see around the car in 360° angle. With Taiwan’s high technology, Luxgen AR See-through View+ system makes drive more easily and safely, it can help the driver to see through the vehicle and project everything outside vehicle to the screen especially when driving into a narrow street, car washing machine or multi-story car park.

  • In November 2017, we invited the media from Japan and Taiwan to come to Japan AUTOPOLIS international racing course to see the new improvement of Luxgen U6. During the product launch, everyone is impressed with the updated Luxgen U6. Not only a SUV with 1.8L turbo engine and FF layout (Front-engine, Front-wheel-drive), but more like a car can make you feel like driving a European sports car with 2.0L turbo engine and 4WD system, and high-tech electronic equipment and the price of U6 is only 3,000,000 JPY.

    We test our vehicle in Japan AUTOPOLIS international racing course, and through its variable weather and various terrain to make sure our vehicle is reliable and can bring the joy of driving to the driver. About vehicle’s Durability, Adaptability and Emission & Fuel Economy, have been tested in Taiwan Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC). By combining the R&D resource from Japan and Taiwan as a team, we have successfully achieved a unique way to develop vehicles.

    At the main test course, Japan AUTOPOLIS international racing course, we build our own laboratory with fully equipped equipments, there so we can test and adjust shock absorber immediately. With the difference of height and the straight road, we can test the performance of Brake, Engine power and Handling when reaching a speed of more than 200km/h. AUTOPOLIS also has other courses-Lakeside and mountain road, it can provide a bumpy and rough road for us to test vehicle’s Ride quality, Adaptability and NVH. Those unique features are why we choose AUTOPOLIS to be our vehicle development base. 

    The test drivers of HAITEC are the world-famous Toshio Suzuki and Tetsuya Tanaka, they also are the test drivers of high performance cars. They drive the vehicle which is equipped with the best Vehicle Analysis System to receive detail data while the vehicle is moving. And the engineers from Japan and Taiwan can work as a team to analyze the data to improve the performance of vehicle.