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If you have any requests, or things you wish to consult, please mail to gavin.wang@haitec-japan.com

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• Company Name
• The name of representative, and the name of the responsible person (please provide spelling)
• Company Address, Telephone, Company website URL
• Category, specialty and the details of requests (title)

According the content of your enquiry it may take several days or weeks to respond.
Please understand that it is difficult for us to respond every enquiries.


① Prototyped development and coordinated Engineer(Gasoline Vehicles and P-HEV Vehicles)

<Condition and location >
  a. Content: Prototype development and management affair.
  b. Location: HAITEC Japan (Atsugi City, Kanagawa) ※ You may have to go to a business trip overseas or in Japan.
  c. Job leave and insurance: Two days weekend, annual leave and social insurance.
  d. Job compensation: It depends on interview and job experience.
  e. Employment Type: Full time ※ 90 days probation.
  f. Condition Requirement: Open mind, driver license,five more year working experience.

② Coordinative affair between Japan and Taiwan

<Condition and location >
  a. Content: Conference interpretation, document translation (Japanese to Chinese) and arrange the conference schedule.
  b. Location: Hua-chuang Automobile Information Technical Center Co. (Taiwan, New Taipei City)
  c. Job leave and insurance: Follow the regulations of company in Taiwan.
  d. Job compensation: Follow the regulations of company in Taiwan.
  e. Employment Type: Full time ※follow the regulations of company in Taiwan.
  f. Condition Requirement: Two more year working experience in Japan. Fluently in Chinese and in Japanese.


Please attach “Resume”and “Motivation” and Sent to  
HAITEC Japan, 1-2-15, Mizuhiki, Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa, 243-0004, Japan
TEL:046-244-3955 , Attention: Miss Wang